Radio Programmes

One of the GESS implementing partners, BBC Media Action, produces a radio programme titled Our School, which has been broadcast weekly across South Sudan since April 2014, and is now broadcasting on 25 local radio stations and 2 National Stations.


The programme is researched, recorded and edited by South Sudanese journalists, in eight South Sudanese languages: Juba Arabic, Madi, Dinka, Arabic, Bari, Lotohu, Zande and Nuer. Each 15 minute episode features real-life stories recorded in seven states, usually with girls, parents, and school staff.


Our School highlights the benefits of girls staying in school, and offers advice on solving practical challenges such as travelling to school safely and budgeting for school fees. Interviewees act as role models who explain why education is important to them, and how they overcome obstacles.


The radio programme also acts as an interactive feedback platform, with presenters inviting listeners to send text messages and call into open phone-line discussions to discuss their own education experiences.


Download the GESS Radio Programmes Schedule April 2016.


Listen to the episodes and read the English scripts below. Each episode is uploaded in one language only, but all other languages are available upon request:

    1. School Fees (Dinka, Aweil), (former) Northern Bahr el Ghazal (NBEG - School Fees script - Dinka, Aweil):
    2. Community Support for Secondary School Education (Dinka), (former) Lakes State (Community Support for Secondary School Education - script (English)):
    3. Cash Transfers 1 (Bari), (former) Central Equatoria (CES - Cash Transfers 1 - English):
    4. Cash Transfers 2 (Arabic), (former) Central Equatoria (CES - Cash Transfers 2 - English script):
    5. Effects of the Conflict on Education (Lotuho), (former) Eastern Equatoria (EES - Effects of the Conflict on Education - English script):
    6. The Role of School Management Committees (SMCs) (Madi), (former) Eastern Equatoria: (EES - The Role of School Management Committees (SMCs) - English script):
    7. The Benefits of Education (Toposa), (former) Eastern Equatoria: (EES - The Benefits of Education - English script):
    8. Sharing Housework (Nuer), PoCs (former) Central Equatoria: (CES - Sharing Housework - English script):
    9. How Menstruation Affects Girls' Attendance (Arabic, Wau) (former) Western Bahr el Ghazal: (NBEG - How Menstruation Affects Girls' Attendance - English script):
    10. Drop-out in Upper Primary (Zande) (former) Western Equatoria: (WES - Drop-Out in Upper Primary - English script):

Emergency Programmes in Nuer: Emergency Programmes have been created for Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) in the Protection of Civilian sites (PoCs). Listen to the programmes and read the English scripts.

      1. Programme 1 - Young Mothers (English Script):
      2. Programme 2 (English Script):
      3. Programme 3 (English Script)