‘Our School’ is an innovative, 15-minute magazine-style radio programme that targets girls, their parents, community leaders and teachers. ‘Our School’ aims to inspire these audiences to support the education of girls. The radio programme is broadcast weekly in 9 local languages, on 28 partner radio stations that broadcast locally and nationally across South Sudan. Each 15-minute episode features real-life stories and interviews with girls, parents, school managers and community members. 

A selection of radio programmes can be found below.

‘Girls Passing Exams’ in Zande language

Former Western Equatoria, Zande language - Girls Passing Exams

‘Group Studies’ in Nuer language

Nuer language - 'Group studies programme'

‘Effects of Forced Marriage’ in Otuho language

Former Eastern Equatoria, Otuho language - 'Effects of Forced Marriage'

‘Career Fair for National Girls’ Education Day’ in Juba Arabic

Former Central Equatoria, Juba Arabic - 'Career Fair for National Girls' Education Day'

‘Teacher-Learner Relationships’ in Dinka language

Former Lakes state, Dinka language - 'Teacher-Learner Relationships'

‘Use of available resources to send children to school’ in Bari language

Former Central Equatoria State, Bari language - 'Use of available resources to send children to school''