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    Longitudinal Qualitative Research

    The GESS Longitudinal Qualitative Survey (LQS) is an evolving profile of 20 individual schools, with extended interviews with Head Teachers, teachers and pupils. The schools are being followed from 2015 through to 2018, at broadly six-monthly intervals. To read the first three rounds of reports, click the above title.


    Cash Grants Research

    This following papers by Lee Crawfurd of the Center for Global Development & University of Sussex, make use of a unique real-time national dataset on school enrolment and attendance in South Sudan to provide estimates of the effect of school capitation grants and cash transfers for girls. To read the reports, click on the titles, below.


      Teacher Professional Development Pilot Programme - Lessons Learnt

      The Teacher Professional Development Programme was delivered by ten Education Specialists - representing the ten former States of South Sudan - who were working closely with teachers and Head Teachers in 20 schools each. The Pilot TPD team committed to regularly reflect on whether the improvement strategies implemented by the team have worked and whether the initially reported successes have been sustained. These reflections, strategies, lessons and challenges have been collected throughout the implementation, and are presented below.