Meet Elizabeth – GESS cash transfer beneficiary

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This is Elizabeth.
Elizabeth from Mayath Girls’ Primary School (MYG) Mayath, Cueibet, Lakes State
Elizabeth received a cash transfer through GESS last year, and says it has helped her a lot. She was able to buy uniform, shoes and books with the money, including grammar textbooks, which she particularly enjoys because English is her favourite subject.
Elizabeth is in Primary 6 of Mayath Girls’ Primary School in Mayath, (former) Lakes State. She intends to become a Governor and so she knows she must apply herself and work hard at school.

Elizabeth joined us from her maths class where they were learning about problem solving. This is an aspect of school that Elizabeth really enjoys as it gives her the opportunity to express and manage problems; a skill that she will need in order to fulfil her chosen career path. Her political ambitions mean that it will be important for her to be “popular to the community”, and she will be in a position “to help the needy; to help those that are sick.”
117 girls from Mayath Girls’ School received cash transfers last year.
To learn more about the cash transfers, go here
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