Loke Justin Gordon

December 8, 2019 4:41 pm

Loke Justin Gordon is the Alternative Education Systems Adviser for GESS 2, with a special role of leading on the Accelerated Secondary Education Programme (ASEP) – a programme for teachers who have not completed their secondary school education but are teaching in the primary schools.

Loke holds a Master’s degree in Development Studies from Uganda Martyrs University and a Bachelor’s in Education from Makerere University in Uganda. Loke also holds a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Training for Adults) and CiPLET (Certificate in Primary English Language teaching).

He has worked for Windle Trust International as a Programme Manager, Team Leader for Unity State, State Project Coordinator, Tutor implementing Intensive English Language course. Loke also has 10 years of practical experience as an English Language and Literature Teacher before joining Windle Trust International in 2010.

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