GESS Begins the Validation of Schoolgirls Ahead of Cash Transfer Payments

October 6, 2023 10:22 am

Girls’ Education South Sudan (GESS) is pleased to announce that preparations for the 2023 cash transfers payments are well underway. The validation process, which aims to confirm whether girls are eligible to receive a cash transfer, is scheduled to run until the end of October 2023.

During the validation process, the number of eligible girls enrolled and regularly attending classes in Primary 5 through to Senior 4 during Academic Year 2023, as well as girls in the Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) level 3 and 4, will be verified and confirmed onto the pay list.

GESS has implemented various measures to make sure that the right girls receive the money. Every girl should have a Unique Learner ID, which will be included on her individual Cash Transfer Enrolment Form (CTEF), issued during validation. Only girls whose Unique Learner IDs on the CTEF matches those on the School Admission Registers will be eligible for payment.

Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to ensure their daughter’s participation in the validation process and to keep the white copy of the CTEF safe at home until payment starts. It is important to note that without the Cash Transfer Enrolment Form, girls will not receive their payment.

A schoolgirl showing her copy of the Cash Transfer Enrolemnt Form after validation

We urge girls, parents, teachers, school managers, and school communities to carefully follow these guidelines to facilitate a smooth validation process and ensure all eligible girls receive their cash transfers correctly and safely. We also encourage individuals to report any wrong issuance, of Cash Transfer Enrolment Forms to ineligible or incorrect recipients, by contacting our hotline numbers below:

  1. MTN +211 928 520 824        2.      Zain +211 917 647 891

Cash transfers are direct payments given to girls to encourage them to enrol and stay in school by offsetting financial barriers to education. Girls receive this money because they still face many barriers to education, such as unaffordability of educational enabling items i.e., unforms, stationary and personal hygiene material.

Akuja de Garang, GESS Team Leader, stressed: “I call upon parents, guardians, and all other stakeholders to ensure that only the right girls are validated. GESS has zero tolerance towards any misappropriation,

The GESS Programme is funded by the UK Government through UK aid, the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada (GAC), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the European Union (EU), and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

For more information, contact +211929684878 (GESS Communications Officer)

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