Getting Cash Transfers to 288,000 Girls in South Sudan

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We’re often asked how the right girls get the cash. Over 288,000 girls will receive the cash this year across the country – a huge undertaking that relies on a strict process of validation and identification.

All girls enrolled, and regularly attending Primary 5 – Senior 4, are entitled to receive Cash Transfers. These girls are identified through the Pupil Admissions Registers (PARs) – registers that show school enrolment, recorded at the beginning of the school year.
The enrolment data in the PARs is submitted to Girls’ Education South Sudan (GESS) by SMS or paper by schools’ administration. Details of each individual pupil are uploaded to our online database – Ana Fi Inni (‘I am here’ in Arabic), the South Sudan Schools’ Attendance and Monitoring System (SAMS –

So, we have the enrolment data, then what?
GESS staff visit schools to validate enrolled girls. This means, going down to the school level to ensure that the enrolment data received by schools is accurate. Enrolment data is cross-checked with attendance data so that we can ensure that girls are not just enrolled, but regularly attending school.

And when this is confirmed?
The girls will complete a uniquely numbered triplicate Cash Transfer Enrolment Form (CTEF), their name crosschecked with their identification – often a simple letter from their Boma Chief in lieu of national ID card. One copy of the CTEF goes to the girl, one to the school and one to the payam/county education office.
When the time comes for payments, GESS’ payment agent (Cooperative Bank for 2019 payments) send their agents to each school with lists of those to be paid, and precise instructions on the process to be followed.
The bank agents will come to the school with a list of validated girls, including their names and classes. Girls are called one by one and the bank agents check their CTEFs. If all is in order, the girl will first sign the agent’s list and then the CTEF. The money then goes directly into the hands of the girl. If the girl is under 18, a parent, guardian or teacher can sign on the girl’s behalf. Girls can also ‘sign’ with their fingerprint in lieu of a signature. The signed CTEF then goes to the bank for records.

This year, validated girls will receive:

Class in 2018 (year of validation) Class in 2019 (year of payment) Amount (SSP) to be paid in this round Amount (SSP) to be paid in second round
P4 P5 Payment in November once validated 2,050 or more
P5 P6 2,050 TBD
P6 P7 4,100 0
P7 P8 2,050 2,050 or more
P8 S1 4,100 0
S1 S2 4,100 0
S2 S3 4,100 0
S3 S4 2,050 2,050 or more
S4 Completed 4100 0

To report the misuse of funds, kindly find the 2 hotline numbers:

  1. MTN +211 928 520 824
  2. Zain +211 917 647 891

Every incident is followed up. We care very much about every incident, because every Cash Transfer taken from a girl is a girl who has missed out on her right, and any ineligible payment inevitably takes away funds from those who should be paid.

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