International Day of the Girl Child 2021

October 11, 2021 10:26 am

Today is the International Day fo the Girl Child!

This year, the theme is “Digital generation. Our generation”.

Whilst it is important to acknowledge the growing digital world and improved digital options for teaching and learning, it’s important to note that not all children have access to digital learning options. The digital gap can also widen the gender gap. A lack of access to digital learning has serious implications for the ability of millions of girls to access quality education online or through the radio. In countries where schools have re-opened, millions of girls are at risk of not returning.

Negative socio-cultural norms, such as early and forced marriage, place girls at a disadvantage in relation to their male peers. As we rebuild the education system in South Sudan, which has suffered a protracted crisis, as well as the pandemic, we must make them more inclusive. We must consider how best to tackle the underlying gender norms and social inequalities that prevent so many girls from accessing and completing education.

To mark the #InternationalDayoftheGirl, we asked girls in #SouthSudan to tell us about their lives during lockdown versus their lives now that they are back in school.

Watch the video to hear girls speak:



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