Voluntary Teachers, "we will support you!"

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Deputy Chairperson PTA GESS

Victoria James Yasona – Deputy Chairperson of the PTA at YMCA Primary, Yambio, Gbudwe State

YMCA Primary School in Yambio, Gbudwe State, is just one of 3,601 schools that has received a Capitation Grant, funded by the Government and delivered as part of the Girls’ Education South Sudan programme. In light of the current economic crisis, it was decided that in 2016 schools will be able to use up to 60% of the total to fund teacher incentives.
Victoria James Yasona (pictured), the Deputy Chairperson of the PTA spoke to us about supporting voluntary teachers with the GESS Capitation Grant, “with this money (Capitation Grant) we sat together with the Head Teacher of this school to make a package, and decided to pay the voluntary teachers. It is very difficult for us, but we are doing our best. We will support them.”
Another school to benefit from a Capitation GrantIn, Mayath Girls’ Primary School, received 19,972.00 SSP in 2015, and 7,618.00 SSP the year before that. Capitation Grants are the main source of income for the school, which does not receive any money from the community. Because several of the teachers at Mayath are volunteers who do not usually get paid, the school was able to use some of this money to support them in their work.
The Capitation Grants are a vital component of the GESS multifaceted approach toward improving access to education for the children of South Sudan.

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